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About Alf Landon

Alf Landon ran for president in 1936 and held the record for the biggest landslide loss for presidency until 1964. Winning only two states, Maine and Vermont, he still took the loss with humor. He was known as G.O.P.'s "Grand Old Man." His legend will live on in the Alf Landon Center. In 1934, Mr. Landon ran for congress, that year, he was the only Republican gubernatorial candidate in the country to be elected. This, of course, made him a presidential candidate.

Alf Landon Candidate

Even though he lost the election in a landslide he became well known for his valiant run against Franklin D. Roosevelt. It is said he didn't fear Roosevelt like most of his republican comrades. He did not run again for office after his 1936 loss against FDR but continued to stay active in the Republican Party.

On September 6, 1987, three days before Landon turned 100, President Ronald Reagan and Nancy visited him in Topeka. ''In a hundred years,” President Reagan said, “Alf Landon has chased many dreams and caught most of them.''

His home in Independence, KS will become "The Landon Center," and will be a dedicated to Alfred Landon. The center will be a political research center and museum dedicated to regional politics of the Landon era. The center will be open to the public this fall.

Current picture of the Center:  This is the front of the building which faces 8th Street.